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Gordinier Group staff had to divide and conquer during the Houston and Washington DC Auto Shows that ran Camp Jeep simultaneously this year!

The crowds went wild to see the true skills of the Jeep line-up.  There’s no mistaking Jeep’s ability to maneuver on rugged terrain and this simulated course gives each guest a first-hand look at just how capable these vehicles are.

Gordinier Group rang in the new year once again at the San Diego International Auto Show. The Golden State always gives up a warm welcome to Camp Jeep at the auto show. GG off-road drivers continue to turn laps for the enthusiastic crowds that keep us coming back year and year.

Gordinier Group Drivers continue to make their mark as Camp Jeep remains a favorite at auto shows and moves around the country.

The GG staff continues to please the mega crowds with the off-road capabilities of the Jeep Brand.

  • Orange County Auto Show – Anaheim, CA  
  • South Florida Auto Show – Miami, FL
  • Phoenix Auto Show – Phoenix, AZ

The Camp Jeep Auto Show season started its tour at the Central Florida International Auto Show this year to rave reviews. Always back by popular demand, the Camp Jeep off-road course continues to be a crowd pleaser in the Sunshine State.

So much so, the attraction walked away with the Central Florida International Auto Show People’s Choice Award this year!

A huge crowd draw for Camp Jeep this year is the addition of the Jeep Gladiator on course. Consumers were ecstatic to ride in the new Jeep truck and see firsthand how it performs alongside the others in the family. Of course it knocked it out of the park. With the help of the Gordinier Group Professional Drivers and Product Specialists, the Gladiator navigated through the obstacles with ease, showing off it’s overwhelming 4×4 skills. And still a constant favorite AND 2019 Motortrend’s SUV of the Year, the Jeep Wrangler added to the massive attendance at the track as usual.  Consumers couldn’t get enough of the Camp Jeep experience!



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