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The Cleveland Auto Show welcomed Camp Jeep back with open arms and massive crowds.  To satisfy customers this year the Jeep brand brought in an assortment of Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators.  With Gordinier Group professional drivers and product specialist behind the wheel each consumer got a front row seat to the thrill ride experience.  GG staff are able to maneuver the obstacles of the course showing off the vehicle capabilities all while verbally relaying all the highlights inside and out.

Camp Jeep gives visitors the opportunity to experience firsthand the versatility and comfort of a Jeep. At the Chicago Auto Show, show goers can ride through a course equipped with real pine trees, dirt and rocks making it feel like a real outdoor experience. The track is designed to test the maneuverability, traction and stability of the Jeep line-up.

Gordinier Group professional drivers demonstrate Jeep’s hill-climb capability by navigating up and over a two-story 30-degree ramp, showcase Jeep’s differential system and prove the stability as they move over the many off-roading obstacles.  It’s a must see at the auto show and the crowds gather as soon as the doors open.

Next stop for Camp Jeep was Philadelphia, PA.  Gordinier Group was back in Philadelphia this year with Camp Jeep as a fan fav!

In Philly this year there was a nice variety from the Jeep lineup to choose from on course – Wranglers, Gladiators, Cherokee & Grand Cherokee, Renegade & Compass. A little sample for all Jeep lovers to enjoy.

Gordinier Group staff had to divide and conquer during the Houston and Washington DC Auto Shows that ran Camp Jeep simultaneously this year!

The crowds went wild to see the true skills of the Jeep line-up.  There’s no mistaking Jeep’s ability to maneuver on rugged terrain and this simulated course gives each guest a first-hand look at just how capable these vehicles are.

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