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For the second year in a row, our Camp Jeep Team was invited to Toronto to reconnect with our fans up North. And boy did they show up ready to rock!

With the Camp Jeep stage set and the vehicles warmed up, it was time for the show. Each day, enthusiastic Jeep fans flocked to the Camp Jeep experience and were not disappointed. We saw so many smiling faces, both young and old. A few of them offered some quotes we just had to share!

  • “Jeep out did themselves again this year. This is the best way to promote a vehicle.”
  • “The line was definitely worth the wait. Hands down the best part of the auto show!”
  • “So, where’s the closest dealership? I need to buy this Wrangler 4xe today!”

In the end, we were lucky enough to spend time with over 30,000 passengers on the Camp Jeep stage and absolutely crushed our pre-show attendance goals. The Jeep brand is incredibly strong in Canada, and we cannot wait to come back in 2025!


We always love our visits to Anaheim! The venue allows for a quick build-out of a challenging Camp Jeep course. Once paired with a wide variety of Wranglers, Gladiators, Grand Cherokees, we have a recipe for our team’s success. All we needed was a large group of Jeep enthusiasts to finish things off. We certainly got what we wished for!

We could spend too much time waxing poetically about our team’s ability to handle the crowds efficiently, showcase Jeep’s breadth of capability, and give our guests an experience they will never forget. But we would rather you hear it from the enthusiasts themselves. Here is a selection of quotes we collected during our time at the 22023 Orange County Auto Show.

  • “We drove hours to come to the auto show. Camp Jeep is our favorite.”
  • “The vibe is always fun at Camp Jeep and the process was smooth. Thank you”
  • “We love how easy it is to switch between the three options with the 4xe. E-Save, Electric, and Hybrid.”
  • ” My parents bought a Jeep Gladiator after riding in one last year. They didn’t even know they existed until they saw one at Camp Jeep.”
  • “The Jeep Mountain was our favorite part. 30 degrees is no joke!”

There were so many smiling faces this year and we were happy to meet them all. Close to 10,000 OC Jeep fans enjoyed the Camp Jeep experience this year and we can’t wait to come back in 2024!

The team arrived early to complete our most ambitious show floor buildout to date. The layout designed by our partners at George P Johnson consisted of the following:

  • 200+ tons of flagstone and boulders
  • 50 live trees
  • 350 yards of dirt and mulch

Once complete, these natural elements coupled with large-scale graphics and extreme driving obstacles created the perfect setting for our guests to experience three separate activations.

First up, the media reveal of the 2024 Jeep Gladiator line-up. Our precision drivers made dynamic entrances into the presentation space to showcase three different trim levels of the new mid-sized truck. The crowd was large, and media impressions were strong! Goal one…check.

Once the show opened to the public, goals two and three came in quick succession. The Camp Jeep Team hosted over 20,000 guests while navigating new and challenging obstacles which included a 23-foot hill with a 40-degree incline/decline, a narrow crevasse, and an off-camber articulation bridge.

Meanwhile, our RAM Truck Territory Team had a bit of fun while hosting over 15,000 guests. New assets on the course included an 18-foot hill with a 30-degree incline/decline, a log crawl, and dual-turn articulation wedges.

Both activations ran flawlessly for the duration of the show enabling guests to experience the innate capability, strength, and comfort of both Jeep and RAM vehicles. A win for all and on our home ice too (so to speak)! Thank you, Detroit!


After a several-year hiatus, our team was excited to return to Pueblo, CO for the 122 annual Colorado State Fair. We joined our partners at George P. Johnson and RAM to offer ride-a-long experiences to as many of the 510,000 attendees as possible.

Our course consisted of natural terrain obstacles constructed by our Dirt Designs team and the ever-popular RAM Mountain engineered and built by George P. Johnson. The location of the activation maximized both foot traffic and brand visibility. During the 11 days, people flocked to the track and waited in line to get a ride in their favorite RAM truck. Across the way, our product specialists educated fairgoers on the new RAM 2500 and 3500 models.

When the dust cleared (literally!), our team of precision drivers had made a total of 4200 laps on the track and over 10,000 guests experienced the power and off-road capability of the RAM Truck brand. At the static vehicle display, our product specialists interacted with another 2300+ people. It’s clear, the RAM brand is strong in Colorado, and we are happy to help make it stronger!


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