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Gordinier Group teamed up with Navistar once again for a Dealer Ride & Drive event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway to launch the new S13 Integrated Powertrain for their International Truck Dealers.  Navistar provided their own mentors to drive the heavy hauling semi trucks, while GG staff were tasked with truck staging and flow, queuing and waivers for the event.  We were proud to support such an impressive brand and work with a great company.



November 8, 2018



It isn’t every day that we get to set up R+D courses for big, class 4 and 5 work trucks, but with last week’s launch of the new 2019 Navistar International CV truck line, Gordinier Group got to do just that.


Navistar is on the leading edge of medium-heavy duty truck manufacturers who use experiential marketing as a sales tool. In this case, dealers and media guests were invited to a CV immersion, part of which involved them getting behind the wheel of the new trucks.


Nestled in a large asphalt space between Soldier Field and McCormick Place on scenic Lake Michigan, we put together 2 courses with the guidance of Navistar engineers who had specific attributes that they wanted to show in their new truck line.


The event was very well attended – especially considering the cold windy conditions typical of November in Chicago.

Another great partner activation with the George P Johnson Company that was delivered flawlessly and on brand!

1/30 – 2/2/16


IT - HXAlways up for a challenge, Gordinier Group was brought in on a very interesting ride & drive program for the launch of the HX series from International Truck. The HX is a heavy duty series of work trucks setting the standard in premium service vehicles.


One of the major selling points of this new line of trucks is the driver-centric design of the cab, with features such as an angled console, LED lighting, and DriverFirst cab suspension which gives a super plush and quiet ride.


It’s hard to tell the story of a cab like this without actually letting people experience it from behind the wheel, and that’s where the Gordinier Group was called in.


The vehicle was unveiled at the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas. Select dealers and media personnel were invited to a special showing offsite at a makeshift construction site. What guests didn’t know was that George P Johnson Company had staged a heist stunt with the trucks and the International execs were in on the stunt (see video below to see how it played out).


When the stunt was finished, Gordinier Group activated a truck test drive with the entire lineup, using an off-road construction site/course that was used in the stunt. This was a challenging proposition. With a large crowd of dealers and journalists who were very anxious to drive the trucks and very tight timeline, the test drive needed to run smoothly and efficiently. Furthermore, many of the reporters had never driven heavy duty work trucks with manual transmissions.


The event went off without a hitch and the guests loved driving the new trucks. Successful commercial truck test drive  – check!



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