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Whether behind the wheel or right-seat coach riding, you can be sure that Gordinier Group Professional Drivers are prepared and know your product.

We take every measure to be certain that our drivers and coaches are able to communicate and highlight the important features that make your vehicle better than the competition. We offer several bilingual drivers and our entire drive staff has extensive experience driving with media for both live and recorded television and radio spots. Our drivers are passionate about cars and trucks and the excitement that they have for them shows through in every engagement with consumers.

However, passion is not enough. With every model year comes positive improvements in styling, power and efficiency, safety, and comfort. It takes time and commitment to master the information necessary to be great in this business. That is why our drivers and coaches are trained, tested and retested to be certain that they have what it takes to be the voice of your vehicle. It isn’t enough to repeat vehicle specifications – consumers need to see these attributes applied to actual driving circumstances, and this is where Gordinier Group drivers excel.

We train our drivers to be able to safely negotiate both the challenging mechanical properties found at auto show tracks, as well as the dynamic, organic off-road courses. These two different driving styles require precision skills with no room for error. At Gordinier Group, we take precision driving seriously and keep our skills fresh by taking deep-dive driving courses such as Bondurant’s week-long Grand Prix Road Racing. In our time off, you can find our drivers pushing the limits and honing their skills off-road at trail meccas such as Moab, Utah.

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