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At Rodeo Austin 2024, RAM Truck Territory took center stage, offering attendees an exciting off-road ride-along experience. Throughout the event, participants eagerly lined up to hop into RAM vehicles, ready to tackle the rugged terrain.

Before the trucks could roll out, Gordinier Group’s expert off-road track builders meticulously crafted the natural elements of the off-road course to push RAM Trucks to their limits. These obstacles, coupled with engineered assets from our partners at George P. Johnson, provided a perfect setting to showcase the inherent capabilities of RAM vehicles.

With our precision drivers at the helm, RAM Trucks conquered the steep inclines and challenging obstacles effortlessly, giving our guests a fun and exhilarating ride. Throughout the trip around the course, they were treated to firsthand demonstrations of RAM’s innovative features, from advanced traction control systems to interior design elements. Additionally, attendees could also experience the towing prowess of the RAM 3500 dually on a separate course.

Based on their reactions, participants departed exhilarated and impressed by the unrivaled capability of RAM Trucks. Here are some quotes from our guests:

  • “The Power Wagon is such a sensible off-road vehicle. From the towing capacity to its incredible off-road performance, it has more than enough cab space for me and my family. The Power Wagon is the full package.”
  • “Ram is clearly the superior truck brand.”
  • “My ranch definitely needs a few Rams. Impressive.”
  • “The new towing features in the Dually are a deal closer for me.”

When the dust settled, Gordinier Group provided 12,000 incredible brand experiences to Rodeo fans in Austin. Texans love RAM Trucks!

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