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Off-Road Course Construction

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An absolute mecca for enthusiasts, Jeep Beach has been drawing faithful “Jeepers” to Daytona for over 20 years. Part car show, part party, and all-Jeep, Gordinier Group makes the trip each year to add to the fun by building a challenging off-road course on the infield of the iconic Daytona International Speedway. Once complete, our precision drivers showcase both the capabilities of new Jeep vehicles and proper off-road driving techniques to thousands of Jeep loyalists.

In the months before the event, our experienced logistics team secured everything needed to make this build happen. From permits to dirt delivery to heavy equipment, it’s all taken care of before the team hits the ground. With a short two-day build window, attention to detail is essential for this exciting event.

Once up and running, even the most seasoned enthusiasts are impressed by Jeep’s prowess throughout the model lineup as the vehicles effortlessly traverse the rugged terrain, affirming its dominance in the off-road arena.

The constant growth in popularity of this event serves as a testament to the enduring strength of the Jeep brand. We consider ourselves lucky to play a small role in helping to fuel the passion shown by the fans attending this event. And we always strive to do it on time, on budget, and on brand.

At Rodeo Austin 2024, RAM Truck Territory took center stage, offering attendees an exciting off-road ride-along experience. Throughout the event, participants eagerly lined up to hop into RAM vehicles, ready to tackle the rugged terrain.

Before the trucks could roll out, Gordinier Group’s expert off-road track builders meticulously crafted the natural elements of the off-road course to push RAM Trucks to their limits. These obstacles, coupled with engineered assets from our partners at George P. Johnson, provided a perfect setting to showcase the inherent capabilities of RAM vehicles.

With our precision drivers at the helm, RAM Trucks conquered the steep inclines and challenging obstacles effortlessly, giving our guests a fun and exhilarating ride. Throughout the trip around the course, they were treated to firsthand demonstrations of RAM’s innovative features, from advanced traction control systems to interior design elements. Additionally, attendees could also experience the towing prowess of the RAM 3500 dually on a separate course.

Based on their reactions, participants departed exhilarated and impressed by the unrivaled capability of RAM Trucks. Here are some quotes from our guests:

  • “The Power Wagon is such a sensible off-road vehicle. From the towing capacity to its incredible off-road performance, it has more than enough cab space for me and my family. The Power Wagon is the full package.”
  • “Ram is clearly the superior truck brand.”
  • “My ranch definitely needs a few Rams. Impressive.”
  • “The new towing features in the Dually are a deal closer for me.”

When the dust settled, Gordinier Group provided 12,000 incredible brand experiences to Rodeo fans in Austin. Texans love RAM Trucks!

After a several-year hiatus, our team was excited to return to Pueblo, CO for the 122 annual Colorado State Fair. We joined our partners at George P. Johnson and RAM to offer ride-a-long experiences to as many of the 510,000 attendees as possible.

Our course consisted of natural terrain obstacles constructed by our Dirt Designs team and the ever-popular RAM Mountain engineered and built by George P. Johnson. The location of the activation maximized both foot traffic and brand visibility. During the 11 days, people flocked to the track and waited in line to get a ride in their favorite RAM truck. Across the way, our product specialists educated fairgoers on the new RAM 2500 and 3500 models.

When the dust cleared (literally!), our team of precision drivers had made a total of 4200 laps on the track and over 10,000 guests experienced the power and off-road capability of the RAM Truck brand. At the static vehicle display, our product specialists interacted with another 2300+ people. It’s clear, the RAM brand is strong in Colorado, and we are happy to help make it stronger!


Our Dirt Designs crew rolled into Loveland, CO with all the heavy equipment needed to build a challenging off-road course for our partners at RAM. The materials needed to build the course consisted of rocks, logs, and dirt…a lot of dirt!

After a three-day build, the course was ready, and our team of talented drivers coached guests from the Overlanding community as they drove through a variety of challenging obstacles.

These obstacles included:

  • Articulation Moguls
  • Boulder Field
  • Log crossings
  • Alternating off-camber dirt wedges
  • Steep hill climb and descent

As our guests took the wheel in a variety of RAM trucks, they experienced first-hand how easily these vehicles can conquer terrain that one may encounter on any overlanding trip. It was a great weekend for all.

Creating unique driving environments to showcase the inherent capabilities of a vehicle is what we do, and we love it!

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