Highland, MI  (248) 887-1101

From the opening ceremonies to the final test drive, we deliver superlative service in support of your marketing goals.

Whether we are managing an entire event or just a slice of the big picture, we pride ourselves on being team players, lending help to others to ensure that the event runs smoothly, making a successfully event for the client.

  • We supply team players
  • Delivering superlative service
  • Working to make your event a success

Our staff is fully qualified to take on key front-of- house responsibilities as well as all the behind-the-scenes details from facilitating on-site demonstrations and training sessions to managing custom Ride & Drive courses tailored for your product. We offer several bilingual staff with extensive experience with media for both live and recorded television and radio spots.

Our staff is continually trained as Brand Advocates to best demonstrate and verbalize the vehicles capabilities. Enthusiastic and friendly, our staff personifies the professionalism and family values that have made our reputation.

Every event calls for a different mix of personnel. With an eye towards cost containment, we also hire and manage local staff to handle event promotion, event registration and surveying, emcee duties, track maintenance and other jobs that make an event successful.

Our people are focused on a single goal, creating a great time for your customers.

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