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Intelligent planning is the crucial first step in creating any successful event.

Gordinier Group helps you create a plan that transforms your vision into a successful event.

Initial Meeting

We start with a site planning meeting to capture all your needs to shape an event that showcases your product and attains your goals. This will include addressing the tactical dimensions of your event such as:

  • Who is your target demographic?
  • What are your most prolific markets?
  • What are your top conquest markets?
  • What is your optimal event footprint?
  • What is your attendance goal?
  • How can we best promote this event?
  • How can we best measure the event to ensure ROI
  • What activities will make your event stand out from other automotive experiential marketing events?

Site Selection

We will help you select the best venue for your dollar.

With over 20 years in the industry, we have nurtured relationships with venues and land-owners across the country. This allows us the ability to find a space that will fit your needs without breaking your budget.

The Blueprint

After an event site is established, we work with you to bring the vision to life. This includes the necessary site surveys and brainstorming sessions to create a physical blueprint of your event. With our experience fitting the puzzle pieces together, the event space takes shape.

The Community

Gordinier Group goes the extra mile to ensure that your event delivers a positive experience in the community.

We plan ahead to secure all land-use requirements such as:

  • Permits
  • Liability Insurance
  • Security
  • Emergency Services
  • Traffic Control

Throughout this phase, every activity is carefully considered, and every detail is double-checked. At each step of the way, we’ll keep your vision for the event on the front burner, so that the finished blueprint meets your expectations.

Our planning services transform your ideas into great events.

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