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The team arrived early to complete our most ambitious show floor buildout to date. The layout designed by our partners at George P Johnson consisted of the following:

  • 200+ tons of flagstone and boulders
  • 50 live trees
  • 350 yards of dirt and mulch

Once complete, these natural elements coupled with large-scale graphics and extreme driving obstacles created the perfect setting for our guests to experience three separate activations.

First up, the media reveal of the 2024 Jeep Gladiator line-up. Our precision drivers made dynamic entrances into the presentation space to showcase three different trim levels of the new mid-sized truck. The crowd was large, and media impressions were strong! Goal one…check.

Once the show opened to the public, goals two and three came in quick succession. The Camp Jeep Team hosted over 20,000 guests while navigating new and challenging obstacles which included a 23-foot hill with a 40-degree incline/decline, a narrow crevasse, and an off-camber articulation bridge.

Meanwhile, our RAM Truck Territory Team had a bit of fun while hosting over 15,000 guests. New assets on the course included an 18-foot hill with a 30-degree incline/decline, a log crawl, and dual-turn articulation wedges.

Both activations ran flawlessly for the duration of the show enabling guests to experience the innate capability, strength, and comfort of both Jeep and RAM vehicles. A win for all and on our home ice too (so to speak)! Thank you, Detroit!


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