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Stellantis and Gordinier Group Professional Drivers started off the new year in Houston, Texas at the 2022 Houston Auto Show.

GG Drivers continue to wow passengers at Camp Jeep and put the vehicles to the test.  Judging by the crowds, they were happy to be back again this year!

Camp Jeep demonstrates the full capabilities of the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Gladiator, Compass, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee on course.  The 4×4 obstacles on course highlight features such as ground clearance, stability, traction control and articulation giving each guest a firsthand feel for the off-road skills of the Jeep Brand.

RAM Truck Territory brought back some authentic dirt obstacles at the NRG Center in Houston this year as well as the traction control hill climb and towing & technology demos. Gordinier Group constructed an organic track to give attendees the true feeling of how these trucks perform in the dirt.  Passengers enjoyed the diversity that highlighted each feature of the truck.


Wishing you all a safe and healthy 2022!

Gordinier Group Drivers finished the year up strong at the 2021 Central Florida Auto Show in Orlando.

Stellantis presented both Camp Jeep and RAM Truck Territory to please the masses once again.

RAM Truck Territory featured an organic course this year to get a feel for what these trucks can do in the dirt.

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